Inspiration: Looking Back

The glamour and style of past decades continue to offer so much to fashion and decor today. Those sophisticated ‘30s, ‘40s, and ‘50s were a high point for women’s fashion, giving me plenty of inspiration for line, color, fabric, and details today.

In fact, the ways in which clothing used to hang so beautifully off of the feminine frame showcased the quality of the textiles, and how much impact the right fabric and fit can have for a design.

Silhouettes in mid-century women’s fashion were absolutely stunning, with a gorgeous balance of tailored femininity and sex appeal. Just as we pull together a room today by focusing on all of the right shapes and lines, these women knew how to make a statement by wearing it well. From hourglass figures to plunging necklines to elegantly draping fabric, their efforts to bring beauty to every room never went unnoticed.

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