Inspiration: High Point Market

I love going to High Point Market to get inspiration and ideas for my projects! But this fall I was so busy with client work that traveling to the show was too much of a stretch for me.

And that’s where social media has changed the way we work – I’m able to look at my fellow designers’ feeds, and the High Point Market’s own pinterest and instagram pages to get some fabulous ideas!

Here are a few trends that really stood out for me:

Grey has definitely NOT gone out of style, and was accented with bright pops of coral and orange.

Pieces with a feminine edge are coming on strong, with lots of flowing lines, soft curves, ruffles and intricate details.

Modern styling continues to invade traditional forms, giving us a great mix of old and new.

What do you think of these new trends? Anything stand out as a home run for you?

I can’t wait to head back to High Point in April for even more design inspiration!




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