Dynamic Duo: Lucite and Brass

Lucite (or acrylic) has become so popular in the interior design world! Philippe Starck’s Ghost Chair was one of the first designs to really start the trend – people loved that it allowed the chair to be in the foreground while also showing the background, or the room itself.

Lucite furniture and accessories are everywhere now: coffee tables, bar stools, benches. My favorite look for Lucite is when it is paired with brass for a bold effect – it’s the perfect combination of sleek and shiny!

A snapshot of my Dynamic Duo pinboard

A snapshot of my Dynamic Duo pinboard

Jonathan Adler’s Jacques collection (left) doesn’t fade into the background with those brass additions, but allows your books or collection to co-star with the beautiful Dynamic Duo! And McColin Bryan took the invisibility out of Lucite altogether by tinting it for a fabulous side table.

While this perfect pair is still quite trendy, I think we’re looking at a new classic!



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