Monday Inspiration: Frank Lloyd Wright

Frank Lloyd Wright is one of the most important icons in the design world, and is such an inspiration to my own work. Although he was most known for his architectural designs, like New York’s Guggenheim Museum and his famous Falling Waters house, Wright also worked indoors.

More often than not, he styled the interiors of the homes that he designed because he saw that the whole work was critical to his vision. He wanted to ensure that the inside of the home held up to his design and standards for the architecture. And, yes, he was a bit of a control freak.

Rosenbaum House,  Frank Lloyd Wright

Rosenbaum House, Frank Lloyd Wright

He also loved to add “built in” furnishings, like bookcases, window seats, tables and more. Wright loved how this allowed the architecture to flow into the home’s rooms.

Falling Waters,  Frank Lloyd Wright

Falling Waters, Frank Lloyd Wright

Gerald Tonkens House,  Frank Lloyd Wright

Gerald Tonkens House, Frank Lloyd Wright

During his own lifetime, Wright’s interiors and architecture projects were seen as almost too modern, with their sleek lines and lack of ornamentation. And they still hold up today as contemporary looks, but also have a feeling for many of tradition and heritage.

You can see that influence in my own work, as I combine modern style with my clients’ own heirlooms and family mementos. I want to bring to life that great mix of heritage and contemporary living, and for that I can thank Frank Lloyd Wright.




beth lindsey