Cooking with Class

Kitchens are among the top requests for rooms to be remodeled and redesigned. Even for clients that don’t cook often, the kitchen can provide a luxurious space to gather or the centerpiece of a perfectly edited interior.

There are must-haves in a kitchen, of course: a sink, refrigerator, a range and oven, and a dishwasher. Designing around those necessities is the fun part of creating a gorgeous kitchen that will reflect a client’s personality.

Just like in any other space in the house, a kitchen can be tailored to you, whether you like traditional, contemporary, neutral, or colors. A kitchen like the one below mixes rustic touches of a farmhouse kitchen with the modern look of stainless steel appliances. The neutral palette makes for a blank canvas to create art with food.



The kitchen below doesn’t shy from being the focal point of the house. With a stove like that, what else COULD be the focal point? The gorgeous pairing of apple green and brass make for a standout kitchen that shines throughout the home.

Colorful or neutral? Traditional or contemporary? What’s your ideal design for a kitchen that cooks?

To see more of my favorite kitchen designs, visit my Pinterest board here.




beth lindsey