Back to Basics: Know Your Style

Sometimes the hardest thing about shopping for furniture and accessories is getting someone to understand your style. A lot of us fall into traditional, contemporary, transitional, or some mix of styles.


Traditional design is rooted in heritage and history. The color palette is usually mid-toned with simple, mid-tone prints like stripes, plaid, and small florals. Other styles that fall into the category of traditional style are British Colonial, French Country, and 19th Century Neoclassic. 

Better Homes & Gardens

Better Homes & Gardens


Clean lines, solid neutrals with punches of color, and sleek furniture, define contemporary design. Furniture is usually lower to the ground and graphic art mixes well with contemporary style. Art Deco, Eclectic, and Mid-Century Modern are other styles that fall into the Contemporary category.


Transitional design is the bridge between Traditional and Contemporary. Some pieces are rooted in history like traditional design but furniture or other pieces have the cleaner lines of contemporary design. Sometimes Transitional design becomes the catch-all of design styles but can be just about any mix of Traditional and Contemporary including Shabby Chic and Artsy.

What is your favorite style?




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